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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not a lucky day

Today, I was late going to the office.
This L-300 public transport I took was involved in this 3-successive-cars accident. The cars were going on steady at moderate velocity. And then, the first car stopped abruptly, some mehanical poblem, I think. The second car behind it was immediately bumped to the first car's tailgate. And my L-300 just went directly to the butt of the second car. I was asleep, and woke up just in time to see the behind of the second car advancing fast, and kapow!

Anyway, there were no casualties. We were all OK. The bad thing was: we had to switch cars. And it was at A Yani Km 13, would be hard to find any empty L-300 there. So I took this smaller public transport, a minicab, that went only to half-way to Banjarbaru, where my office was. The journey was peaceful, until I switched car again to another public minicab that went straight through Banjarbaru.

Guess what? The minicab had accident again near Banjarbaru (around Guntung Payung, I guess). Thank God I was OK. I got to my office half hour later, with shiver all over me.




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