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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nasi uduk Babe H Saman Banjarbaru

February 11th is absolutely not a right time to celebrate Valentine. The idea was coming up a week before. We decided to "celebrate" Valentine by gift-bartering and eating out, 3 days earlier than it's supposed to be (some of us will have to go to Jogja the week after). Adi had a bad feeling about this, though, he said it's kind of bad luck, or something, which I laughed at. People in love have a strong feeling about Valentine, I guess. Anyway, turned out Adi was right.

It was after noon, 13.30 WITA, more or less. We went to this quasi-cafe where we usually hang out, but since it was the day of PNS test, the quasi-cafe was full of people. We decided quickly to go to this eating place called "Nasi Uduk Babe H Saman", which was near (within walking range) and had been mentioned for several days in Radar Banjar as some high-quality eating place, a branch of similar place in Kebon Kacang Jakarta.

We went in (this is not the right words, since it was outside, under a tent), and the first eye-catching thing was this cute and funky chef, with his black t-shirt and nice jeans and stuff. So, we (the usual gank plus Mbak Anna and Adi) ordered. I ordered lemonade and nasi uduk and liver with extra fried onion, mmmm.

We sat and I looked around (as if there were much to see, it's a small place). No one, just us. We did not have any suspicions yet.

First, the lemonade came. Small glass, 350 ml, but the taste was good, not too acid, not too sweet, and it's thick, I like my lemonade thick. And then, nasi uduk came. Small plate. With something on it. I looked at the thing on the plate. Now, it did not look like the picture above at all. It's unbelievable. The portion was so small you can almost see the plate under it. Adi literally sticked his forefinger into the rice, and the only part that went into the rice is only the end of his forefinger nail. The rice itself was cold and stiff. And then, came the plate for the liver. It's chicken liver, and only one, you know how small it was. It's so small I can put 2 of it into my mouth. Adi finished his in less than 2 minutes. (Later, Jo who happened to go there in other time said that the total of the rice in the plate was exactly 6 spoonful). We couldn't help giggling all through the meal (like it was that long). Man, I think I need 10-15 plates to get full. The only nice part of the meal was the sambal, which I think I didn't need since I gobbled up the liver in one bite.

And the best thing was the price. The lemonade was Rp 5.000. The rice was Rp 2.500. The itchy-bitchy-teeny-weenie liver was Rp 3.000. Others ordered chicken, and each part of the chicken costed you Rp 7.000, and it's so small!!! Is this what they brag about in the newspaper? I bet Babe H Saman wrote the article himself. In the article, The Governor himself had come and ate there, being nostalgic of their eating place in Nasi Uduk Babe H Saman in Jakarta. Well, just open a branch in Banjarmasin, and it will be closed in a week. Nobody will eat there. Portion too small, price too high. We deeply wish this eating place will go bankrupt soon.

To add this whining, just before we paid, the rain was falling, and the floor was flooding with water. We were even certain that Juhai's table would be floating away, judging by the height of the water.




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