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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hotspot in Swiss-BelHotel Banjarmasin

Last month, my friend from Adaro, as a representative for his office, attended the presentation by Indosat in Swis-BelHotel Banjarmasin. Since I have been interested in IM2 & Indosat Payphone since I was in Jogjakarta (and because I hate hate hate Telkom very much), I was excited to get the news. Turned out that the payment was still too high for home users. So, I keep my hope at check.

And then, just a few days ago, first hotspot (not hutspot, mind you) was installed in Banjarmasin, in Swiss-BelHotel, provided by Indosat through its IM2, being active at the beginning of May. Radar Banjarmasin (March 30th, 2006) mentioned that the hotspot could be accessed in the lobby, in the meeting room, and even in the bedrooms. Wow. Guests can get access by buying IM2 voucher, but I think the price is still to high: Rp 100.000 for only 7 hours!

We are the plebeians will also given access to IM2 (I don't know in what way) by buying prepaid card. They claimed that their internet access are faster than cables. Well, we'll see.

I checked Indosat site, and this is what I find: Indosat provides 6 types of internet access:
  1. Dial-up: support until 56 kbps, mailbox 100 Mb, power surf dial-up (with 5x the usual speed), access number 080988001, Rp 100/mins (for he phone) and 2.820/hour (for the internet access), which means around Rp 9.000/hour, cheaper than TelkomNet. Or using the basic package (20 hours/month Rp 55.000), bronze (38 hours/month Rp 100.000), silver (71 hours Rp 180.000), or gold (283 hours Rp 700.000), additional hour Rp 2500/hour. Registration: Rp 45.000, abonemen Rp 25.000.
  2. Dedicated: with leased line or radio, but this for corporate.
  3. Cable: along with cable TV IM2PayTV), mailbox 100 Mb, 64-512 kbps, Rp 500.000-650.000/month (cable modem not included)
  4. Hotspot: for dial-up Rp 9500/hour, for prepaid: Rp 12.000/hour
  5. Prepaid: for dial-up and hotspot, you don't have to register. For dial-up: Rp 3384/hour, for hotspot: Rp 12.000/hour
  6. Internet instant: call number 9999, but you have to use IPhone, Rp 167/mins (Rp 10.020/hour)

Dial-up, ok, but still too expensive, especially if the speed is not stable.
Dedicated, out of question.
Cable, is not available in Banjarmasin.
Hotspot, too expensive, and only in Swis BelHotel
Prepaid, expensive.
Internet instant, no IPhone facility.
So, no hope :'(

Until now, I am still looking for a high speed internet connection for home user (at least 32 kbps), with affordable and reasonable price. Still can't find them. Anyone can help me?




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