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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pachelbel's Canon

If someone asked me what my favourite song is, my immediate answer would be: Pachelbel's Canon. I heard it the first time in My Sassy Girl, a comedy romantic Korean movie (Jun Ji-hyun & Cha Tae-hyun). It was the composition the boy liked most and the composition the girl played on the piano (Canon's variation by George Winston), and the one made the boy fell in love with her.

I really liked this piece of music that I downloaded all mp3s and midis of Pachelbel's Canon in various versions. I put it in my cell phone as ringtone. I played Pachelbel's Canon all day and night when I was still a postgraduate student in Jogjakarta. It helped me through my up-and-downs.

Pachelbel's Canon, or formally Canon in D Major was written by Johann Christoph Pachelbel (1653-1706). He wrote many grand compositions, but Canon in D Major is the only canon he wrote, and very trivial compared to his other works, but somehow, it became so popular: it was said that until 1980s, there were already more than 200 variations of it.

I checked Wikipedia, and there are several songs/music I knew that incorporated or influenced by Pachelbel's Canon:
Brian Eno with his ambient Discreet Music is said consisted of a series of versions of Pachelbel's Canon. Gee, I didn't recognized that, I had to dig my Eno's collection and listened to it again.
Rain and Tears by Aphrodite's Child, one of my favourite oldies song.
Take on Me by A-Ha.
Basket Case by Green Day
Go West by Pet Shop Boys
C U When You Get There by Coolio
Let the Music Heal Your Soul
Pachelbel's Canon was also played in Lady Di's funeral.

I really have to checked my music collection again.

I am collecting Pachelbel's Canon, any variations, any format. For anyone who has information on this, please contact me. This is my favourite site for Pachelbel's Canon download.

For you guys who know my birthday, I would like this for my birthday gift, all contained Pachelbel's Canon :D :
  1. Pachelbel: Forever By The Sea
  2. Pachelbel's Greatest Hit: Canon in D
  3. The Elegance of Pachelbel
  4. Soothing the Soul
  5. Best of David Lanz
  6. Pachelbel's Greatest Hit: The Ultimate Canon




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